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Research Technician

Idris Oncology

It’s high time to put an end to today’s hit-and-miss cancer therapies! We’ve known for decades that cancer constantly evolves and adapts, yet we’re still blindly hoping that one or maybe two chemotherapies will get rid of the cancer...

Idris Oncology want to deal with this problem once and for all. We want to provide the tool that allows doctors to always know how a cancer is evolving and adapt the therapy accordingly. Hundreds of other companies have attempted to provide that tool by using blood samples, but they have all failed because there are simply not enough cancer cells in a blood sample. That's why we’re developing a ‘fishing wire’ that captures many cancer cells over time in the bloodstream. Providing large amounts of cancer cells often and pain-free will finally unlock the true potential of the dozens of amazing novel diagnostics and therapeutics!

You can be a part of our push to radically improve cancer treatment! Our company is young and small, meaning that you will make a significant and tangible impact. Our team is amazing, and the company is growing.

Research Technician

We are looking for a laboratory technician who will help us perform routine and novel assays, maintain our facilities, and administrate various documentation support. Many of our assays and setups are highly customized and specific, meaning that you are unlikely to have any experience with these assays and setups. You will therefore have to work very closely with our R&D staff to continuously improve our procedures and equipment. Lastly, you will also be deeply involved in the planning and logistics of our R&D.


  • Support molecular & cell biology R&Dplanning and preparing experimentsmaintaining cell cultureperforming microscopy and cell-based assaysprocessing and analyzing dataadministrating documentation
  • Support biochemical R&Dplanning and preparing experimentspreparing and functionalizing substratesprocessing and preparing (bio)chemicalsperforming and analyzing spectroscopy/fluorometryadministrating documentation
  • Maintaining and improving our facilities
  • cleaning and maintaining the laboratories
  • managing, calibrating, and maintaining equipment
  • processing and administrating inventory
  • Requirements:

  • You currently live within <1hr travelling distance of Leiden
  • You have an HBO/BSc degree or higher in an (applied) biological science or related
  • You have demonstrable experience with (animal) cell culture and biochemistry
  • Your English is excellent
  • You are meticulous, dependable, and great at planning
  • You enjoy streamlining and improving processes
  • You are a team player
  • Starters are welcome to apply.

    What we offer:

  • the chance to play a big role in the development of a meaningful and impactful technology
  • a dynamic and fun working environment
  • room for personal growth
  • We’re looking for someone asap! That means we will proceed with our 2-stage hiring process per applicant as quickly as possible.

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